What Is Love2015-AB109 icon

What is Love Program Evaluation

Pilot Study: 2014—2015

Santa Barbara County Annual Report

Public Safety Realignment Act

2015-ETC ATD2015 ADP Youth tech-icon

October 2011—December 2014

Santa Barbara County Alcohol and Drug Program

2015 Evaluation Technial Report

Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Services

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programs

2015 Youth Survey Technical Report

2015 AB678 3rd Annual

Evaluation of SB678 in Santa Barbara County

Third Annual Report: June 2015

2015 Female JJ

Evaluation of Female-Specific Services:

Transforming the Juvenile Justice Approach to Girls

December 2104 Outcome Evaluation Report

2015 court SB icon

Santa Barbara Substance Abuse Treatment Court

Process Evaluation Report

March 2015

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